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Wisdom Tooth Extractions and Oral Surgery in Phoenix

Wisdom teeth on x-raysWith decades of experience, the latest in dental technology and a variety of prestigious accreditations, the doctors that comprise the team at Smile Fitness Dental Center are your trusted source for an all-encompassing range of oral surgery services, including wisdom tooth extractions. Our team will evaluate your oral health situation and determine the most efficient way to remove your final molars so that you can regain a more comfortable smile. Keep reading to learn about wisdom tooth extractions or reach out to our office to schedule your initial consultation.

Why Choose Smile Fitness Dental Centers for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Your third and final molars are typically referred to as wisdom teeth, as they’re the last set of pearly whites to come out when we grow up. Typically, people have four wisdom teeth, but this isn’t always the case for everyone. In the past, our ancestors had much more powerful and larger jaws than ours, allowing them to munch and chew on tougher foods like plants, nuts, and roots. Today, our diet consists of softer meals, and we’re able to cut up food into smaller pieces. The human jaw has also become much smaller, and we don’t necessarily need wisdom teeth anymore. For this reason, some people are born with four, three, two, one, or none at all!

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

In the cases where wisdom teeth aren’t causing any oral health or orthodontic issues, they typically won’t require extraction. However, due to the size of our jaws today, they can lead to uncomfortable complications more often than not. These can include tooth decay, gum disease, alignment problems, damage to adjacent teeth, and even an increased risk of oral infection. This is generally caused by impacted wisdom teeth—meaning your final molars aren’t fully erupting from the gum line or they’re angled and pushing against your other teeth.

What to Expect from the Wisdom Teeth Procedure

Firstly, our team will thoroughly examine your situation and the position of your wisdom teeth so we can determine the proper method for removing them. If an extraction is necessary, we’ll begin by administering a local anesthetic to numb the area(s) of your mouth we’ll be working around. We’ll also likely provide you with sedation dentistry so that you’re more comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

Wisdom teeth that are fully erupted might be removed by simply using dental forceps and an elevator to wiggle them until they come out. Impacted wisdom teeth will likely require making a tiny incision in the gums to access the rest of their surfaces. After removal, we’ll suture the tissue closed and have you implement your aftercare guidelines for a speedy and comfortable recovery, which should typically take a week to feel back to normal.

Recovering from Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It’s fairly normal to expect mild bleeding, bruising, swelling, and discomfort during your healing process. Fortunately, this can be alleviated with over-the-counter/prescribed pain relievers, a cold compress, and a topical anesthetic like Orajel (once the blood clot has formed properly). Be sure to practice good oral hygiene to keep your surgical site safe and bacteria-free, which should involve rinsing and brushing carefully around the extraction site. Also, make sure to stock up on softer foods, like yogurt and soup, to avoid disturbing the area. After some time, you should be able to enjoy a much more comfortable and healthier smile in the long run.

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