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Smile Fitness Dental Center Maximizes Dental Insurance

Smile Fitness Dental Center accepts most insurance plans with the exception of DMOs, and we will submit claims and all necessary documentation. Our dentists accept assignment of benefits from insurance companies to keep your out of pocket expenses low. Furthermore, we’ll estimate your insurance benefits so that you know your financial responsibility prior to beginning treatment.

Smile Fitness Dental Center accepts PPOs from some of the largest carriers including Delta Dental, Cigna, United Healthcare, Unum, Guardian, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Although most insurance companies try to direct you to participating providers, the reimbursement rates are not necessarily any different for in or out of network providers. Your out of pocket expenses may not be any different. You can enjoy caring, excellent treatment from an office that doesn’t treat you as if you have to be there.

We will always explain your treatment options and the associated costs so that you may make an informed decision that best suits you. Our philosophy is to examine your mouth and tell you what treatment is necessary and what is optional. We will offer you alternate treatment plans that may cost less and still take care of your dental needs. We realize that not everyone wants to spend money on a treatment that is elective or can be done with a less expensive option. If our patients know all of their options and the associated costs, then they may make a decision as to which treatment plan best fits their needs and budget.

This approach can save you a lot of money. An informed decision is the best way to get exactly what you want or need! These treatment plans can be built upon year after year to accomplish your goals at your own pace. We can help you utilize insurance and even Health Savings Plans to your best advantage!

In-Network VS Out of Network Insurance

In addition to processing and filing insurance claims for the majority of benefit plans, we offer in-network coverage for patients with Delta, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Guardian, United Health Care, and Humana. That means we have existing contracts with these insurance providers, and we will charge fees for covered dental treatments that have been established by your insurer as fair and average. Because we agree to your insurance plan’s set treatment fees, you will only ever be responsible for the out of pocket percentage of your treatment. Out of network providers can charge higher fees, and you’ll need to pay the out of pocket cost of care as well as any difference in the insurer’s average price and the fees charged by the dentist. Fortunately, the difference in cost is usually minimal. If you have a dental insurance plan that is not one of our in-network insurers, we are happy to process and file your claims. Our treatment prices are reasonable, and we will do our utmost to help you receive the maximum insurance coverage.

We want you to know.

If you would like more information about your insurance benefits with Smile Fitness Dental Center please don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.