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From Your Dentist: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

October 30, 2018

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Woman having a dental examination.Periodontal (gum) disease affects more than half of American adults in some form, and what’s worse is many of them don’t realize they have it. That’s because this condition progresses slowly at first, with very few symptoms and hardly any pain in the beginning. So how can you protect yourself against gum disease? Your dentist explains.


Why Would an Emergency Dentist Need To Take X-Rays In an Emergency?

September 12, 2018

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A tooth next to a first-aid kit Despite the best intentions, life doesn’t always go according to plan. Unfortunately, accidents, mishaps and emergencies happen to everyone at some time or another – and sometimes they affect your teeth. If you’ve ever found yourself in a dental emergency, you know that, above all else, you want to get out of pain as quickly as possible! That’s why it can be frustrating to arrive at your appointment with an emergency dentist, only to be told that X-rays need to be done. However, there’s a good reason a dentist may need X-rays: They give them the crucial information they need to provide you with the best care. Keep reading to learn more about why X-rays may be needed in an emergency and what they can tell a dentist about your oral health.


How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Your Dental Emergency

August 5, 2018

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A woman covering her mouth at the dental office.Did you crack a tooth after biting into an ice cube from your favorite drink? Maybe you were spending time outside playing football with friends, but forgot to wear a mouthguard? Now that your tooth is significantly damaged, you need to visit an emergency dentist right away!

However, if you’ve avoided seeing the dentist because of a dental fear or anxiety, there’s no need to worry. Sedation dentistry can help you get your emergency handled instead of simply putting it off and letting your situation become even worse!


When Do I Need a Dental Extraction?

July 9, 2018

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A woman experiencing dental pain. Your tooth has been waking you up the past couple of nights, and now the pain has become unbearable. You’re ready to contact your dentist and have it removed, anything to stop this throbbing pain! It’s definitely a good idea to call your dentist as soon as possible when you’re experiencing dental pain, but the good news is that you might not need an extraction. Here’s what you should know.


Your Emergency Dentist in Phoenix Explains Why a Tooth Should be in Milk

June 26, 2018

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Woman covering her mouth. Having a tooth knocked out is a traumatic and devastating experience. The outcome of your tooth is greatly affected by how you handle your condition. Your emergency dentist in Phoenix explains exactly how you should manage this type of situation in order to save your tooth.


Your Emergency Dentist in Phoenix Explains Why Your Tooth Might Be Hurting

May 30, 2018

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Man having dental pain.You’re suddenly awake in the middle of the night, and there’s no question why. Your tooth is searing with pain. When you went to bed it hurt and you took some ibuprofen; however, it’s reached a new level and the medication isn’t even touching the pain. What could’ve caused this unrelenting discomfort? Could you have avoided this situation? Your emergency dentist in Phoenix has answers.


Cosmetic Catastrophe? Your Emergency Dentist in Phoenix Is Ready to Help!

April 2, 2018

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woman covering mouthThere are quite a few situations that qualify as a dental emergency. Sometimes, these situations don’t present any visible symptoms; they may just plunge you into a world of hurt. In other cases, tooth trouble endangers both your smile’s health and its appearance. When these cosmetic catastrophes strike, what should you do? Your emergency dentist in Phoenix is here to give you some guidance that could save your grin and keep you looking amazing.


Your Walk-In Dentist Is Ready to Help with Dental Emergencies!

February 16, 2018

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woman with toothacheIf you’ve ever had a dental emergency, you may be familiar with the feeling of panic that sets in when you’re afraid you won’t be able to get an appointment with your dentist. What’s even worse is if the only dentists nearby have extremely limited hours, causing you to suffer for an entire day or longer before you can receive the professional attention you need. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew of a dentist who had expanded hours and was willing to accept patients on short notice? Well, now you do! We’re proud to be your walk-in dentist in Phoenix.


In-Network VS Out of Network Dental Insurance

January 5, 2018

dental insurance claim formIf you’re trying to make the most of your dental insurance coverage, you may be wondering just what it means for a dentist to be “in-network.” As is the case for most dental insurance questions, the answer is complicated. Read this post to find out more about in-network and out of network dental insurance coverage and how you can find the right dental office and dentistry services to ensure you receive the insurance benefits you deserve.

Tips From Your Dentist to Help Your Child Conquer Dental Anxiety

December 15, 2017

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unhappy girl at dentistFor children, visiting the dentist in Phoenix can be a scary thing! After all, it’s an office filled with unfamiliar objects, strange people in odd clothes, and a big chair that looks like it could swallow a youngster alive. However, your child’s dental anxiety is no reason to let your little one’s oral health go by the wayside. It’s your responsibility as a parent to keep that precious smile in great shape. Here are a few tips to help your kid conquer their fear.


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