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Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants in Phoenix

September 24, 2016

senior woman who replaced missing teeth with dental implantsIf you lost your shoes, chances are you wouldn’t think about going to the store to buy just one shoe to replace them both, so why does it make sense to only replace one half your lost tooth? The short answer is – it doesn’t. Traditional tooth replacement solutions only renewed those parts of teeth that were visible above the gum line, but without the supportive underlying root system, these replacement teeth relied on surrounding dental structures for support. In order to provide the most natural restoration, we may recommend patients consider our dental implant supported tooth replacement options.

The Facts on Implants

Many patients are concerned about the safety, success, or cost of dental implant supported tooth replacements, but at Smile Fitness Dental Centers, we utilize the most innovative dental techniques and technologies to make implant placement and restoration comfortable, predictable, and affordable. If you’re trying to determine whether dental implants are a treatment you should consider, review the following facts and figures on implant dentistry and contact our team to schedule a consultation:

  • Safety – many patients are concerned that dental implant placement is not safe, and horror stories from acquaintances or the internet aren’t helpful in dispelling the myth that dental implant placement is unsafe. However, as long the dentist who places the implant is educated and experienced, there’s no reason dental implant surgery should be considered less safe than other restorative or cosmetic treatment options.
  • Success rates – recent studies show that patients have a 98% rate of successful implant placement. That means the body will not reject the titanium implant, but will fuse with it to form a natural bond that mimics lost dental structure. For years, this number rose annually, but even very basic medical and dental procedures may not have a 100% success rate. We work diligently to review patients’ oral and overall health history, past surgical experiences, allergies, high risk behaviors (using tobacco or drinking excessively), and other indicator to ensure we only recommend implant placement for those patients who are likely to have a successful, long lasting implant.
  • Predictability – by working with patients to carefully analyze past indicators that may point to a successful surgical implantation, we’re able to offer highly predictable results. That means patients can feel completely confident in their treatment plan.
  • Longevity – unlike traditional tooth replacement solutions that lasted around ten years, placing dental implant posts to restore lost root structure and provide natural support for teeth improves the longevity of the replacement teeth.
  • Cost – while patients typically invest more time and money upfront to complete the dental implant supported tooth replacement process, the long-term maintenance and replacement costs of traditional tooth replacement solutions add up to substantially more. Currently, the Smile Fitness Dental Centers team is offering a dental implant special. For patients receiving their first dental implant, we’ll complete the placement procedure for as little as $890.

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